Weathersheds more often the cracks develop in service as the stresses are aggravated by low temperature and line tension. The cracks extend down to the core, thereby exposing the core to moisture.


Elastomers are the best weathershed material, as they do not contain locked-in mechanical stresses from the curing process. Also, elastomers are preferred at low temperatures where impact resistance is important.
Another problem that surfaced early in the experience of first generation designs were the effect of outdoor weathering on weathersheds. Weathering affects all polymer materials to some extent and being a natural phenomenon includes the effects of heat, humidity, rain, wind, contaminants in the atmosphere and ultraviolet rays of the sun. Under such conditions, the weathersheds of polymer insulators may be permanently changed, physically by roughening and cracking and chemically by the loss of soluble components and by the reactions of salts, acids and other impurities deposited on the surface.

Surface becomes hydrophilic and moisture more easily penetrates into the volume of the weathersheds.

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