Why are polymer insulators gradually replacing porcelain insulators?

More and more polymer insulators are used in electrical systems gradually replacing porcelain insulators, the polymer insulation material has silicone rubber, epoxy and EDPE and so on.

porcelain insulators

There are some reasons for these situations
1. Polymer insulating materials offer significant advantages over porcelain.
2. Polymer materials have been proven with over 40 years service history.
3. Polymer material formulation must resist service stress degradation by a complex optimization process of material formulation and housing design, which includes consideration of the manufacturing conditions.
4. All insulators exposed to contamination can experience surface activity which does not necessarily lead to contamination-induced flashover.
5. Products need to be evaluated on an individual basis. Because of differences in formulation, product design and manufacturing conditions, polymer materials are not identical nor are they generic. Users cannot predict the performance of one polymer product based upon experience with another, which will have a different formulation and/or design.
6. The competitive nature of the marketplace is driving many suppliers to cost reduction and material reformulation. Newer generation materials may be untested and past service experience may not indicate future performance of newer generation materials.
7. Porcelain insulator flashover experience can be improved with the use of polymeric materials. Coatings have a limited service life, whereas other solutions, such as creepage extenders, offer long-term performance.

So, more and more polymer insulators used on overhead power lines for supporting and insulating conductors. Silicone rubber insulators are main products for Orient Power. Main information for detail, welcome to inquiry us!


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