Wildlife Protector and Jumper Accessories

Wildlife Protector and Jumper Accessories are safety products. Jumper Accessories include Jumper Support, Spring Buckle Strap, and Jumper Cable Carriage Bag types as shown in the following.

Wildlife Protector:
Designed for protection of equipment and bushings from accidental animal contact.
One-piece, hinged design allows easy retrofit installation without the need to take an outage
Multiple exit ports accommodate a variety of tap conductor configuration; allowing flexibility in the field.
Molded from polypropylene with state of the art UV inhibitors for the longest service life available.
Flexible fingers secure the protector on a range of throat diameters preventing nesting of animals
Protector accepts bushings with a skirt diameter of up to 4.75", making it ideal for distribution transformers and many types of substation apparatus.
Material: Polypropylene

Wildlife Protector

Jumper Accessories:
Jumper Support
Supports the weight of a jumper cable during installation
Offers more working space at work site
Installation with insulated gloves or shotgun stick
Material: Fiberglass filled polyurethane tube, polyurethane handles and hooks

Spring Buckle Strap:
Features: Permits storage and handling of a jumper set
Nylon strap,
Zinc plated buckle
Stainless steel spring

Jumper Cable Carriage Bag:
Features: Orange carriage bag to permit storage and handling of a jumper set
Material: Orange 10oz. Canvas

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