ZN63-24 VCB

ZN63-24 VCB or ZN63 (VS1) -24Series type indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker, can be equipped with long life permanent magnetic actuator, and use AC and DC energy storage operations or used manually.

ZN63-24 VCB

ZN63-24 VCB Description:
ZN63 (VS1) -24Series type indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is rated voltage 24kV, three-phase AC 50Hz Indoor high-voltage switchgear ,apply for power stations, substations, and industrial and mining enterprises to control or protection transmission and distribution systems , especially for the important high altitude breaking load and frequent operation place.

Circuit breaker operating mechanism for the spring energy storage type, can use AC and DC energy storage operations, can also be used manually.

Circuit breaker can be equipped with long life permanent magnetic actuator, mechanical life can reached 60000 times ,can be used for extremely Frequent operation place,

ZN63-24 VCB Technical data:

Product Name
24KV ABB Type Vacuum Circuit Breaker
Circuit Breaker
Rated Voltage
11KV / 12KV
Rated Short-Circuit Breaking Current
20KA / 25KA , 31.5KA
Rated Current Rated Current
630A / 1250A,630A / 1600A
Not exceed 1000m
Ambient Temperature
not higher than +40  °C ,
not less than -15 °C
Machanical Life
10000 times
20KA /25KA , 80KA
Dynamic Stability rated current(peak)
63KA , 80 KA
Rated short-circuit closing current(peak)
Rated short-Circuit breaking time
50 Times
Rated operating sequence
Rated thermal stabilization time

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