Ceramic suspension insulator,ceramic suspension insulator price

Ceramic suspension insulator:
The dependability of ceramic suspension insulators over the last 30 years is demonstrated by the continuing excellent performance.Our company ceramic suspension insulator price is competitive.

Suspension insulator manufacture offers appropriate solutions for ceramic suspension insulators operating in all kinds of environments at voltages up to1000kV.
Ceramic suspension insulators which provide excellent hydrophobic and recovery characteristics that limit leakage current and prevents arcing even in very heavy polluted and seacoast environments.

ceramic suspension insulator                       ceramic disc insulator
   ceramic suspension insulator                                   ceramic disc insulator            

Ceramic suspension insulator price:
The ceramic suspension insulator housing is a one piece High-altitude Test Vehicle porcelain housing made by the one-shot injection molding process. The High-altitude Test Vehicle porcelain is directly molded on the core rod by overlapping the triple junction point and part of the metal end fittings. The design ensures a total enclosure of the most sensitive part of porcelain the junction zone, where usually the highest electrical field strength is concentrated.
Ceramic suspension insulator price is reasonable and tested in compliance with the latest IEC and ANSI standards.

High quality and best properties decide suspension insulator price. Each porcelain suspension insulator that leaves the factory is routinely tested with a corresponding mechanical tensile test load of at least 50 percent of the defined SML load for at least ten seconds.

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