Composite deadend insulator,composite deadend insulator 28KV

Composite deadend insulator string:
Composite deadend insulator can be used on high-tension overhead line, which voltages have 15KV, 28kV, 35KV, 46KV, 69KV in our company. Composite deadend insulator 28KV can be used low-voltage overhead line.

Composite deadend insulators have two kinds’ strings; one is suspension insulators fixing conductors by suspending them with suspension clamp, used on straint line tower and angle jumper wire. Suspension insulators string has single suspension string, double suspension string, V type suspension string, and so on.
The other is Strain insulators string: fixing conductors by anchoring them with strain clamp, used on bearing strength power tower. Strain insulator string has single strain string and double strain string.

composite deadend insulator                     composite deadend insulator 28KV   
  composite deadend insulator                       composite deadend insulator 28KV

Composite deadend insulator in accordance with strength model:
According to IEC standard: 70KN, 80KN, 90KN,100KN, 120KN,160KN, 210KN, 300KN
According to ANSI C29.2: 10000 pounds/44KN, 15000lbs/67KN, 25000lbs/111KN, 36000lbs/160KN, 50000lbs/222KN

Composite deadend insulator machining process:
Composite deadend insulator material making process is high temperature vulcanization; and they could be manufactured by means of injection whole-molding technology or moulding. Hardware assembly way (pressure) adopts crimp.

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