Composite suspension insulator,composite suspension insulator technology

 Orient power composite suspension insulator uses advanced science and technology and the high quality materials, composite suspension insulator technology develops with the growth of the economy.

Composite suspension insulator requirements:
Developing of composite suspension insulators for the most demanding applications known today require not only in-depth material and design know-how, it also requires an absolute understanding of the production process. Orient Power is knowledgeable of the requirements for high voltage applications and the essence of being a reliable business partner with the highest quality standards.

25KV composite suspension insulator                        composite suspension insulator
25KV composite suspension insulator                  composite suspension insulator      

Composite suspension insulator materials:
Orient Power the core of composite suspension insulator could be manufactured by means of injection whole-molding technology. Using only hard-wearing HTV silicone rubber also ensures superior performance in sandstorm areas and minimization of damage during transportation and handling.

Over 220KV composite suspension insulators must adopt injection. The ends of High voltage Composite suspension insulator install grading ring. The end fittings assembly way is crimp to increase mechanical strength.

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composite suspension insulator

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