Suspension insulator, composite suspension insulator

Suspension insulator, including composite suspension insulator, can be used on distribution lines, high voltage transmission lines, EHV, UHV, HVDC transmission lines.

composite suspension insulator              suspension insulator

Composite suspension insulator specifications:
High and Medium voltage lines up to system voltages of 1000kV
EHV & UHV Service Experiences
Suspension and span poles for high voltage and railway electricity networks
Voltage level: 1 – 500 kV (>800 kV in multiple component design)
Single-component up to 6 m (236”) installation length
Maximum rod diameter: 63 mm
End fittings in accordance with IEC 60120, IEC 60471, and ANSI C29

All of composite suspension insulator types have the advantage of small size, light weight, suitable for different environments, especially in the high polluted areas, and can perform very good electrical withstand quality.

As a China suspension insulator manufacturer, Orient can offer suspension insulators selection guide and composite suspension insulator price list for each customer.

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