Composite deadend insulator,high quality composite deadend insulator 35kV

Composite deadend insulator definition:
Composite deadend insulators install on overhead transmission and distribution lines is working as insulation and fixing the conductors. High quality composite deadend insulator 35KV has excellent cantilever strength.

Composite deadend insulator application:
Most of the time, composite deadend insulator is connected one by one and form strings on the lines. Different system voltage will choose different pieces of composite suspension insulators. Composite suspension insulator can be used on high voltage, ultrahigh voltage; extra high voltage transmission lines.

composite deadend insulator                      composite deadend insulator 35kV
        Composite deadend insulator                      Composite deadend insulator 35KV  

High quality composite deadend insulator characters:
Composite deadend insulator has excellent electrical insulation property, good shock absorption, high and low temperature performance and oxidation resistance. As a suspension insulator manufacturer Orient Power must produce best composite deadend insulators for customers. High quality Composite deadend insulators can be used in the strong ultraviolet radiation region and pollution area. Composite deadend insulators are made of polymer silicone rubber and have a very strong anti-fouling ability.
About the high quality and good price suspension insulators can be attracted many electrical filed company to choose us. If you need composite deadend insulators or other composite insulators, you can email to us. 

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