Insulator marking,insulator packing and delivery

After insulator manufacturing, insulator should be marked and packaged. Insulator marking, insulator packing and delivery is a necessary process for selling every insulators.

Insulator marking

String insulator marking
Each insulator shall be marked, either on the insulating component or on a metal part, with name, trade mark of the supplier and the year of manufacture before coating with the glaze. In addition, each string insulator unit shall be marked with the specified electromechanical or mechanical failing load whichever is applicable. This load shall be indicated by using the first and second part of the designation and embossed on the metallic part. These marking shall be legible and indelible in accordance with Clause 5 of IEC 60383-1 and Clause 4 of IEC 60305.

Insulator packing and delivery
The supplier shall provide packing of the insulator as is required to prevent their damage or deterioration during transportation to their final destination and long period of storage. The packing shall be sufficient to withstand, without limitation, rough handling, and exposure to extreme temperatures, salt and precipitation during transportation and open storage.
The crates of the insulators shall be made of stout wood and the number of insulator per box shall not exceed four units with an identical size. Insulators shall be separated each other and in order to prevent from contacting of insulators shall be used fixing board of filler between insulators.
On the packing crates, a name plate shall be attached being not detachable and indelibly having the appropriate items as the designation and dimension of product, gross weight, the name and trade mark of supplier, etc. the characters shall be English capital roman letters and Arabic numeral characters. The size of characters shall not be less than 4mm.
(1) Insulators shall be shipped from the factory to the specified site
(2) When the insulators arrive at the final destination, the insulator shall be inspected by customers whether the insulators are damaged or not.
(3) Each shipment shall include a detailed packing list
(4) Insulators shall be carefully loaded for protection during shipment
(5) Insulators shall be arranged to allow safe unloading at the site
(6) Each crate shall be closed by external steel wire bindings.
(7) External steel wire bindings are designed to keep crate firmly closed, and to permit easy and rapid opening at time of installation.
(8) Crates are evenly stacked on a sturdy four-way wood pallet. This assembly is held tightly in place with steel bands, and is protected against moisture by a complete covering of heat-shrinkable polyethylene film.

Insulator marking mainly includes company logo or name, manufacture time of insulators etc. Insulator packing includes wooden case or wooden boxes, cartons, and insulator delivery are 45 days to 3 months.

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