ngk suspension insulators

ngk suspension insulators include glass insulators, composite insulators and suspension porcelain insulators. The details of quality assurance, main products, production capability and facilities, etc. are as follows.

ngk suspension insulators main types:
35 kv to 500 kv AC / DC composite insulators
70kn to 530 kn DC suspension porcelain insulators
40 kn to 530 kn AC normal type/anti-pollution type suspension porcelain insulators

ngk suspension insulators production capability and facilities:
To satisfy the requirements of different customers, we supply high quality composite insulators produced by both injection molding technology as well as bonding of separately molded sheds on extruded sheath technology. Our annual capacity is over 200,000 pieces upto 500 kv AC/DC composite suspension insulator.
Injection molding machine
Platen press
End fitting crimper
Bonding of separately molded sheds on an extruded sheath
Fired porcelain shells
180 cubie meter pulse shuttle kiln
Assembly line
80 meter ISO-jet tunnel kiln
Ball milling
We have advanced high tech equipment, and our annual production capacity is over 3 million pieces.

ngk suspension insulator          ngk suspension insulators

ngk suspension insulators quality assurance:
Hydraulic inner pressure routine test
Power frequency spark routine test
Tension load routine test
Firing control
ISO 9001 quality assurance system is based on strict process control and advanced test methods.

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