Types of overhead line insulators
    Types of Overhead insulator is special insulation controller, it is very important in electric equipment and the overhead line insulators can protect electric equipment from damage efficiently
    Composite insulator,polymeric insulator
    Composite insulator is also called polymeric insulator consisting of insulation polymer housing, high mechanical strength FRP core and metallic end fittings, which is developed after toughened glass insulator and ceramic insulator.
    Polymeric Pin Insulator
    Polymeric Pin Insulator is also called composite pin insulator, consists of an insulating core-fiberglass rod protected by a housing and insulator end fittings.
    Polymer pin insulator
    Polymer pin insulator is popular medium voltage insulators used for power lines made from silicone rubber or High-density polyethylene insulator with high mechanical and electrical property.
    Guy wire fitting,Earthing fitting,insulator fitting
    Guy wire fitting, Earthing fitting and insulator fitting is one of important insulator fittings used on the electrical towers, poles or conductors playing different roles of electrical systems.
    Glass disc insulator
    Glass disc insulator is popular used in transmission and distribution systems used as well as porcelain disc suspension insulators and made from toughened glass.
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