Porcelain hollow core insulators
    Porcelain hollow core insulators are manufactured, designed and tested in accordance with IEC, ANSI and other international specifications used in transformer or electrical systems.
    Silicone rubber interphase spacer
    Silicone rubber interphase spacer is used as well as metal interphase spacer, which is made of silicone rubber consisting of polymer housing, core and insulator end fittings.
    Composite pin and line post insulator
    Composite pin and line post insulator consists of fiberglass core, silicone rubber housing and weathersheds and metal end fittings used on T & D power lines.
    Composite insulator,suspension insulator
    Suspension insulator is made from silicone rubber used for supporting and insulating conductors, which is one of Composite insulator or polymer insulator.
    Composite suspension or tension insulator
    Composite suspension or tension insulator can be used on transmission and distribution lines, and has some advantages, better performance than porcelain insulators.
    Porcelain distribution insulators
    As one of insulator manufacturers, Orient Power produces Porcelain distribution insulators including suspension insulator, line post insulators, pin type insulators and pin post insulators.
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