Porcelain suspension insulator,porcelain suspension insulator IEC

Porcelain suspension insulator IEC:
Suspension insulators IEC are typically used on high tension power transmission towers Porcelain suspension insulator IEC is by far the most commonly used insulating material but there are a number of composite suspension type anti-pollution insulators as well.
Porcelain suspension insulators revolutionized the power distribution industry allowing much higher voltage protection -- there are several 1,000kV DC transmission lines utilizing suspension insulators.

Porcelain suspension insulator IEC requirement:
One of the greatest problems in high-tension power transmission is in properly insulating the lines. Great developments in the construction of IEC insulators have taken place, particularly since the introduction of the suspension-type units. An interesting development in this line is now promised in the new high-tension disk insulators, which is now ready to manufacture on a large scale. This company has in the last fifteen years established an enviable reputation in the manufacture of porcelain suspension insulators.

porcelain suspension insulator                     porcelain suspension insulator IEC
    porcelain suspension insulator                    porcelain suspension insulator IEC 

As the result of exceptionable success in this line studies have been made on the construction of high-tension porcelain suspension insulators and after long experimentation an improved design has been perfected. The manufacture of these suspension insulators has been put under the direction of an experienced ceramic engineer, and we have developed a superior process of porcelain making that is said to overcome the weaknesses of the older methods.

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