Suspension insulators,porcelain suspension insulator hardware

Orient Power is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of a comprehensive range of suspension insulators hardware fittings & accessories. We offer finest range of porcelain suspension insulator hardware type with ball & socket type.

Porcelain suspension insulator hardware types:
Porcelain suspension insulator clamp includes 33 KV disc type single suspension insulator with ball & socket type, snail type hardware, disc type insulator hardware fittings with preformed type tension hardware fittings, envelope type suspension clamp, 66 KV disc insulator double suspension hardware fittings with envelope type suspension clamp, earth rod, 220 KV porcelain disc suspension insulator double tension hardware fittings with compression type tension clamp, single eye bolt, 66 KV disc insulator ball & socket type with compression type tension clamp, dead end assembly, midspan joints, repair sleeves etc. at cost effective prices to several South Africa in the word and other overseas.

porcelain suspension insulator                  ceramic suspension insulator

Porcelain suspension insulator hardware is made of high quality hardware; in the other said hardware fittings. Sometimes composite suspension insulator can connect string used, namely form insulator string. With the connection between two insulators, we call it insulator string hardware.

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