Silicone rubber insulator,suspension silicone rubber insulator

 Electrical insulators include porcelain insulators, glass insulators and silicone rubber insulators at present. Silicone rubber can be divided into 7 kinds,such as suspension silicone rubber insulator, composite pin insulator and so on.

Silicone rubber insulator application:
Substance blocks or retards the flow of ELECTRIC CURRENT or heat. An insulator is a poor CONDUCTOR because it has a high RESISTANCE to such flow. suspension silicone rubber insulators are commonly used to hold conductors in place, separating them from one another and from surrounding structures to form a barrier between energized parts of an electric circuit and confine the flow of current to wires or other conducting paths. Suspension silicone rubber insulators include silicone rubber, porcelain and glass. Silicone rubber Suspension insulator break up the heat-flow path by absorbing radiant heat, include fiberglass, cork, and rock wool.

suspension silicone rubber insulator                    silicone rubber insulator
suspension silicone rubber insulator             silicone rubber insulator        

Suspension silicone rubber insulator arc requirement:
In service care must be given to protecting the end fittings of suspension silicone rubber insulators from the melting effects of power arc currents. If an arc is allowed to root on the end fitting of a suspension silicone rubber insulator, adjacent to the polymer coating, the heat of arc is likely to cause sufficient damage to allow water ingress. This will result in failure of the silicone rubber insulator and the silicone rubber insulator should be replaced. Accordingly all silicone rubber insulators should be fitted with carefully designed arc protection devices.

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