220/245KV composite suspension insulator,long rod composite insulators

220/245KV composite suspension insulator is a common suspension insulators type, and 220/245KV long rod composite insulators are just one of them divided by rated voltage.

220/245KV composite suspension insulator, long rod composite insulators Materials:
1) HTV Silicone Rubber for suspension insulators sheds and housing
2) Glass-fiber reinforced epoxy resin rod (ECR type) for core rod
3) Hop dip galvanized cast steel for end fittings

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Fiberglass rod of long rod composite insulators is high mechanical tensile strength, meanwhile, against bending fatigue fracture, anti-impact and good electric insulation. 220/245KV composite suspension insulator can be designed and manufactured at strength rank: 70KN, 120KN, 160KN and so on according to IEC 61109 Emend.1, IEC 61952, ANSI C29.11, ANSI C29.12 standards.

Metal fitting of long rod composite insulators connects with core rod by pressure, there are features as follows: not break integrity of core rod, high tensile strength and small dispersivity for tensile break strength and so on.

Grading ring used on 220/245KV composite suspension insulator is made by light aluminum gold, which improve electric field distribution arc starting and protect terminal metal fitting and shed housing from ablating by hard arc partial developed. 220/245KV polymer suspension insulator usually use two grading ring.

220kv composite suspension insulator technical parameters:

Insulator technical description Unit Value
Rated voltage KV 220
Specified mechanical load KN 120
Section length mm 2150
Creepage distance mm 5040
Power frequncy wet withstand voltage KV 395
Lightning impulse withstand voltage KV 1000

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